Leith Street is an investment journal created to track my journey through investing and to help me crystalise my thoughts and processes. I believe these conscious step of putting pen to paper will help improve myself as an investor and consequently, that of my returns.

Leith Street, the investment journal, takes its name after a street situated in the tropical Southeast Asia. On that street lies a mansion where a tycoon, who rose from humble beginnings, once lived. He had many businesses across different industries so much so, that he became one of, if not, the wealthiest person in the region during his time. I found the story inspiring and resembles not unlike Buffett’s collection of wonderful enterprises.

The logo was inspired by the three granite steps at the foot of the mansion’s stairs which lead to the second storey. It signifies having strong foundations as one takes the first few steps to ascend to the next level. Similarly, in investing, it is a good reminder to have a well-established philosophy and as much of a firm conviction as possible, before embarking on an investment opportunity.