This is my first post on Leith Street. I began my investing journey in 2005 when I came across the first books that sparked my interest – Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Buffettology by Mary Buffett. Along the way, I invested in public equities using a relative’s brokerage account and only began buying stocks under my own account in 2008. Over the years, I picked up some valuable insights from reading, interacting with like-minded investors and from going through the actual investing process.

Like everyone else, I am subjected to a whole rollercoaster range of emotions when participating in investing. These included the joys of being right and making money, misplaced joys of being wrong and still making money, doubts when a stock moves against me while thinking my thesis is intact, and despair and denial when I am wrong. I felt that I was unable to keep track of these episodes accurately since the biases embedded in the human mind has a habit of deceiving itself and in painting a rosier but distorted memory than actual reality in most cases.

What I lacked was a platform to channel these thoughts and insights gleaned from my own experience, as well as those from my reading and interactions. There were little ways I could refer to subsequently in an organised manner. In a way, Leith Street acts as a reality and performance check, and as a repository.

I am confident that by putting pen to paper (not exactly accurate since the medium you are reading this on is a screen) for my thoughts, I can gain better clarity on the subject of investing and consequently, become a better investor. I also hope that Leith Street can serve as a discussion platform for readers who agree and more importantly, disagree with my entries, so that the net gain from the Leith Street initiate is a collective learning experience for all who chanced upon the site.

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